by riverhorse

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released December 22, 2014

Brian Motyll: Lyrics, Guitars, Bass, Vocals, Background Vocals, Piano, Percussion

Scott Ahlgrim: Drums on Tracks 3, 5, 7 & 8



all rights reserved


riverhorse Chicago, Illinois

Joliet, IL.

Vinyl available through Fonoflo Records.

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Track Name: County Fair
Ocean Breeze, the Saltiest sea
A Whisper in the wind that will come back to me
Don’t you fear no dyin’
Don’t you fear no end
Cause you only get one chance so live it while you can
I’ve seen brighter days, like I've seen brighter stars
Nothin' seems too close when you're looking out too far

I raise it up
I let it in
Raise it High
For you begin
And I find my comfort in the wind

There’s dancin’ in the streets, that old County Fair
Wind will knock you off your feet and untangle your hair
Don’t you fear no change, that ocean breeze
You find the most soothing winds from the farthest seas
And roll on down the line, your heart beat like a drum
Keep your heart where you’re headed but forget not where you're from
Track Name: I Think It's Time
I’m not afraid, I’m not afraid to die
Cause I know a little bit bout what goes on in the sky
And I know that I’m a little bit unkind
I’ve been shy for so long that my spirit’s run dry
And I sang to myself
The love that I have left is just a skin and bones skeleton
with a hole right in it’s chest
and I’m not afraid, no I’m not afraid
but i just cant believe this could happen today
and I.. Oh I.. Oh I…
Think It’s Time

Believe me my friend, oh I think it’s time

I’d sail the world on a big red balloon
from Chicago down to Rio, Then to Katmandu
and ill say “I’ve been everywhere”
but i’ve been there all alone.
I’d rather be out on my own, than be at home alone.
and say i’ve found the meaning of romance
it means to be less alone under a certain circumstance
and when i’m gone away, i always imply
i’m so scared of getting lost, but i’m not afraid to die
and I.. Oh I.. Oh I..
Think it’s time

Believe me my friend, oh I think it’s time

I said to myself a long time ago
I have read all the books on how to preserve a soul
but i’ve skipped all the pages of any importance
was put on display, what a perfect performance
of how to become another fool
and i said to myself, if i follow the rules
will i become free of everything
that a man could want to be freed of
and I.. Oh I.. Oh I

Think It’s Time
Track Name: Raven's Cry
Where have you gone?
And are you there to stay?
Cause there’s blood on the trail where the children play
Up on the hill where you stopped the rain
That’s where my heart and my soul remain

I’ve heard the tales of ol’ Cadejo
but you have no fear of what you do not know
And I’ve heard the tales of the men out there
Those thieves and killers
The victims of despair

And so they say the last song you sung
was the song of the Coyote
before the end had come
And if the howling wolf had met the raven’s cry
That’d be the night, the very night you’d die

But the moon don’t shine out on the trail
So we live like mice playing games on a serpent’s tail
They cut it out, your heart so bold
and you died alone
you died alone
Track Name: Angela
Sits by the roadside
Picking daisy’s for nobody
Funeral flowers in hand
And Rose Marie
How Could you do this to she
You’re breaking her heart can’t you see
You’ve been treating her bad

But it’s late in the afternoon
It’s late in the afternoon
Oh Angela, they do this to you

They expect you to comprehend
When all their words to is condescend
they’ve been putting you down
It’s your last resort
When you know your time left is short
You get the feeling of life support
A candle in the wind
Track Name: Kings and Sailors
I saw a poor man swallow his pride
Hungry and cold, dry were his lips and he had beggar’s eyes
But i saw a rich man push a poor man aside
Just to bury his gold it’s a prodigal divide

That’s when I saw the king dressed in rags
High upon his throne, but lonely and sad
all alone, going home
I saw a sailor sent to sea
without a map now, they
they say that he has long been gone

Awake in a morgue, my body was cold
Had I just dreamt up this life, in the end
was I a story told?
Am I alive now? Will it all unfold?
When i finally see life through the eyes of a ghost


I’ve never had good luck, but it’s never been bad
Oh i never learned to stray to far from what I’ve had
If i were a stray dog, only chained to the streets
maybe i would find freedom there
But still a stray dog needs to eat